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Case Study - Real Estate KYC

Enhancing AML Compliance for Property Transactions in Real Estate

Client Overview:
A top real estate agency in Asia faced challenges in conducting AML checks on parties involved in high-value property transactions, imperative to meet the legal requirements set by regional regulators.

The manual process of vetting potential buyers and sellers was time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies, which could lead to severe non-compliance penalties.

The agency implemented Link KYC’s platform designed to provide a secure, comprehensive, and auditable solution for real estate compliance needs.


  1. Online Portal: A secure portal was set up for buyers and sellers to submit their personal information.
  2. Automated Compliance: The provided data was instantly screened against relevant sanctions, AML, and PEP lists.
  3. Transaction Workflow: The approval process for each transaction was tracked and recorded within the system.
  4. Record Maintenance: The system maintained detailed logs of all compliance activities.
  5. Audit Facilitation: The agency could easily generate detailed reports for any compliance audits or inquiries.

The real estate agency saw a 60% improvement in the processing time for compliance checks. The accuracy of AML screenings improved significantly, leading to enhanced trust from clients and a solid compliance record with regulatory authorities.