KYC/AML Client Onboarding platform
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All In One Platform
Forms | Workflows Approvals | AML Watchlist Checks

All In One Platform
Forms | Workflows Approvals | AML Watchlist Checks

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Remove risk
Maintain control

Whether you're in a regulated industry or not, LinkKYC ensures you are compliant across any jurisdiction.

AML Checking

Comprehensively search global watchlists and negative news articles to screen all of your individuals and entities. AML/CFT/PEP and more.

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On any device

Data & Documentation is stored securely and is accessible on mobile, tablet and PC anytime.

Complete visibility
End to End

Track the status of all your onboarding needs and take action when it matters most. Take control end to end.

World leading companies across multiple industries are saving time & money while simplifying their client onboarding using LinkKYC.

What our customers say


Using LinkKYC has taken away the risk and given back my team so much time so they can focus on value add tasks. It’s simple to use and ticks all the boxes for us and regulators.

M. Hanson, Hedge Fund Manager.


With recent changes in how we deal with our clients we started using LinkKYC to remove risk in the process and make sure we’re dealing with reputable individuals and companies. 

K. Marulio, Real Estate Agent.


We were always looking for documents that were scattered across emails, folders and in all the wrong places. Using Link has simplified all of this and keeps up on top of our KYC/AML obligations.

T. Fields, Asset Management Operations.


We didn’t know how much time and money we were spending on the KYC/AML process until we looked at it end to end. We’re now in control of both our time and our AML checking process giving us peace of mind.

W. Lau, Corporate Legal Services.


Everything we need in one platform was the key reason we decided to use LinkKYC. Previously, we had multiple systems and processes that scattered information which made everything complicated.

V. Simmons, Legal Services.

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