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Case Study - Accounting Firm KYC/AML

Enhancing Compliance and Efficiency for Accountants with Automated KYC/AML Systems

Client Overview:

A prominent accounting firm with a substantial client base across Asia required a solution to manage an increasing burden of KYC and AML obligations. The firm aimed to preserve its reputation for diligence and accuracy while adapting to the evolving regulatory landscape.

The firm’s accountants were spending excessive time on compliance-related tasks, which was not only inefficient but also detracted from their primary role of providing high-quality accounting services. The manual process for conducting KYC and AML checks was cumbersome, leading to potential risks and non-compliance.

The accounting firm decided to implement a cutting-edge KYC/AML checking service to automate their compliance processes, thereby improving accuracy and saving time.


    1. System Integration: Link KYC was quickly deployed and adopted by the firm’s client support team, reducing disruption to existing operations.

    1. Customization for Accounting Needs: The system was customized to gather required information that meets the specific AML/KYC standards applicable to the accounting sector.

    1. Automated Client Screening: The tool automatically screened new and existing clients against global and regional sanctions lists, watchlists, and PEP databases.

    1. Dynamic Risk Profiling: Based on the screening results, the system generated a risk profile for each client, which determined the level of due diligence needed.

    1. Workflow Optimization: The solution included a compliance workflow that systematically guided accountants through the necessary steps for high-risk clients.

    1. Record-Keeping and Reporting: All compliance checks and actions were automatically documented, facilitating easy reporting and auditing.


    • The firm observed a 75% improvement in the speed of compliance processes for new client onboarding and annual reviews.

    • The error rate in compliance-related tasks decreased significantly, with the automated system flagging discrepancies that may have been missed manually.

    • The firm successfully passed several regulatory audits with no findings of non-compliance, reinforcing their standing in the industry.

    • Accountants reported higher job satisfaction as they were able to dedicate more time to client advisory roles rather than compliance tasks.

The deployment of the automated KYC/AML service allowed the accounting firm to significantly enhance their compliance posture with minimal disruption to their core services. This case study highlights the benefits that technology can bring to the accounting sector, particularly in terms of compliance management, operational efficiency, and client service delivery.


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