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Case Study - HR Compliance

  • Multinational Corporation streamlines HR Compliance with online KYC/AML

Client Overview:
The client is a multinational corporation with a diverse workforce spread across multiple countries, each with its own legal and regulatory requirements. The internal Human Resources (HR) department faced the challenge of ensuring compliance with various local labor laws, tax regulations, and international employment standards.

With a vast and geographically dispersed employee base, the corporation’s HR team struggled to manually maintain compliance with the myriad of evolving employment regulations. This inefficiency led to delays in processing employee documents, increased risk of non-compliance, and potential legal ramifications.

To address these challenges, the corporation implemented a comprehensive automated HR compliance system designed to manage and streamline its internal HR processes and compliance management.


    • Multiple forms all in one place: the HR team were able to create their onboarding forms all in one place and monitor the progress of onboarding and KYC/AML checks. 


    • Automated Alerts and Workflows: Employers were onboarded quickly and with minimal friction using Link KYC online service including automated reminders for pending checks and workflows for internal approvals. 

    • Employee Self-Service: Employers could create an account and complete all their related onboarding forms while simultaneously KYC/AML checks were being run in the background. 

    • Audit Trail: The system automatically recorded all HR activities, providing a comprehensive audit trail to satisfy internal and external audits.


    • The time taken for the HR team to verify and ensure compliance for new and existing employees was reduced by 50%.

    • Manual errors in compliance processes decreased significantly, limiting the corporation’s exposure to legal and financial penalties.

    • Employee satisfaction improved due to the streamlined and transparent compliance processes and the self-service capabilities provided by the system.

    • Since the implementation of the automated HR compliance system, the corporation has passed all labor law compliance audits across various jurisdictions.

The automation of the HR compliance processes enabled the multinational corporation to efficiently manage its internal HR functions while ensuring adherence to local and international regulations. This case study illustrates how leveraging technology can aid in navigating the complex landscape of HR compliance, reduce the risk of non-compliance, and improve overall operational efficiency within a global corporate environment.